Dear citizens of the Kobrin district!
          Comfortable living conditions have been created in boarding schools in the Brest region
 senior citizens and people with disabilities. You can get high-quality social service on terms and
 conditions permanent, temporary and short-term residence.

          On questions of definition in the State Institution " Kobrin psychoneurological boarding house for 
 children elderly and disabled people»
contact us by phone number 8 (01642) 3-53-92 or at:
 Kobrin, Severnaya str., 142.

 Website:  State Institution " Kobrin psychoneurological boarding house for the elderly and disabled»

State institution "Kobrin Territorial Center for Social Services of the Population":

The purpose of the activity is the implementation of organizational, practical and methodological activities in social services and the provision of social services to citizens in the fixed territory.

Legal address: 225304, Kobrin, ul. Sovetskaya 103.

Electronic Applications to Address State Kobrin TCFSSOTP
will only be accepted through the rubric of "e-applications".

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Director - Osipova Natalya Valentinovna

Tel.: 8 (01642) 3-42-28

You can evaluate the work of our state institution on the portal of rating assessment of the quality of services provided by organizations of the Republic of Belarus.

The Kobrin Territorial Center for Social Services of the Population (hereinafter referred to as Kobrin TCFSSOTP) is a government agency whose activity is aimed at organizing and providing social services to citizens in difficult life situations in the forms of stationary, semi-stationary, non-stationary, emergency social services, social services at home, as well as promoting the intensification of citizens' own efforts to prevent and overcome a difficult life situation and / or adapt to it.

In the structure of the Kobrin TSSON the following units work:

- separation of primary admission, information, analysis and forecasting
Slinko Tatyana Mikhailovna (t. 3 - 69 - 58);

- the first department of social assistance at home
Khantsevich Svetlana Nikolaevna (t. 3 - 87 - 22);

- Department of social adaptation and rehabilitation
Skalkovich Ella Aleksandrovna (t. 4 - 80 - 56);

- Day care department for disabled and senior citizens
Lukashuk Nataliya Mikhailovna (t. 4 - 98 - 25);

- The second department of social assistance at home
Shestak Tatyana Nikolaevna (t. 6 - 56 - 96).

Social services for the population provided By the state institution "Kobrin territorial center of social services of the population":

* Legal support of the population to provide social benefits and guarantees.(t. 3-69-63, 103 Sovetskaya street, office 3).

* Consulting and information services

* Social and household services

* Social and educational services

* Social mediation services

* Social and psychological services

* Social rehabilitation services

* Accompanied accommodation services

* Social patronage

* Provision of social services in the form of social services in a substitute family (t. 4-34-95, 3-87-22, 103 Sovetskaya street, office 10).

* Performing the functions of guardianship and guardianship in relation to adults who are recognized as incapacitated or with limited legal capacity. (tel.: 4-90-33, Nastasicha str., 31, office 8).

* Provision of one-time social and household services to disabled citizens at social rates (t. 4-34-95, 3-87-22, Sovetskaya St., 103, room 10), (t. 3-60-79, Sovetskaya St., 103, room 6).

* Provision of paid one-time services for copying documents. (103 Sovetskaya street, room 4).

* Provision of social services at home in the form of social services to disabled citizens (t. 4-34-95, 3-87-22, 103 Sovetskaya str., office 10).

* Psychological assistance (Psychological counseling of citizens and providing emergency psychological assistance by phone "Responsiveness" (t. 4-80-56, 31 Nastasicha street).

* Provision of social Laundry services (second Department of social assistance at home, AG. Divin, ul. Oktyabrskaya, 71, tel. 65-6-96)

* Issuing humanitarian aid to low-income citizens (t. 4-80-56, 31 Nastasicha street).

* Provision of social library and video library services (t. 4-80-56, 31 Nastasicha str.)

* Rental of technical means of social rehabilitation (t. 4-80-56, 31 Nastasicha str.).

* Computer literacy service (31 Nastasicha str., / tel.: 4 98 25/ 10 Nikolayev str., / tel.: 5 22 24)

* Assistant services (for single and single-living disabled people of group I and II with intellectual disabilities) no more than 60 hours per month in accordance with the individual rehabilitation program of the disabled person or the conclusion of the medical Advisory Commission.

* Temporary shelter services (for victims of human trafficking, victims of violence, terrorist acts, man-made disasters and natural disasters, orphans and children left without parental care) (t. 4-80-56, 31 Nastasicha street).

* Sign language interpreter services (for the hearing impaired) no more than 90 hours per year. 

* Support assistant services (for group I disabled persons with impaired musculoskeletal system and / or vision) no more than 40 hours per month. 

* Hourly care for young children (nanny services) (t. 4-34-95, 3-87-22, ul. Sovetskaya, 103, KAB. 10).

* Services of a nurse (t. 4-34-95, 3-87-22, Sovetskaya str., 103, KAB. 10).

Ensuring the work of clubs (Department of social adaptation and rehabilitation, 31 Nastasicha str., Kobrin / tel.: 4 80 56 ):

- Club for the support of parents raising a disabled child "Nadezhda".

- Club "Own Circle" - a club for persons from among children of orphans and children left without parental care at the age of 18 to 23 years.

- Club "Successful Parent" for parents whose children are in a socially dangerous situation.

Ensuring the work of clubs and hobby groups (department of day care for the disabled and elderly citizens, Nastasicha st., 31, / tel .: 4 98 25 / Nikolaev st. 10, / tel .: 5 22 24):

Circle activity:
1. "Fun" - the organization of leisure for senior citizens, the disclosure of creative potential, the development of interest in music, theatrical creativity.
2. "Gymnastics for the Elderly" - health improvement, getting an excellent sports form, familiarizing with an active lifestyle.
3. "Creativity without Borders" - assistance in the social rehabilitation of older citizens through the development of various techniques of arts and crafts.
4. "Scandinavian walking" - introduction to sports and an active lifestyle.
5. "English with pleasure" - social rehabilitation through learning a foreign language, improving the quality of life, training memory.
6. "Artistic word" - the disclosure of creative potential, the development of interest in literature, mastery of the presenter, theatrical creativity.
7. "Computer literacy" - broadening one's horizons in the field of knowledge closely related to computer technology.

Club activities:
1. "Meeting" - the use of therapeutic techniques based on singing and a certain system of exercises, which allows you to normalize the functionality of the nervous system and increase the body's resistance to adverse external factors. Creation of favorable conditions for personal self-realization through concert activities. Assisting in the disclosure and development of creative qualities. Organizes systematic classes in the form of lessons and rehearsals. Participation in cultural and leisure activities.
2. "Stimulus" - improving health and physical development, expanding the functional capabilities of the body, the formation of motor skills and motor skills. Providing conditions for participation in competitions of various types and levels of organization. Contributing to the development of leadership skills, socialization and self-realization.
3. "Golden Age" - the development of motivation of the circle members to engage in various types of arts and crafts. Formation of artistic and creative abilities. Training in techniques for working with various types of materials. The development of artistic taste, the ability to analyze, create with your own hands.
4. "Alternative" - ​​involvement in active social life in order to improve the quality of life. Providing opportunities for communication, exchange of information in different areas of culture, history, education. Expanding social connections.
5. "Optimists" - involvement in an active socio-cultural life, through participation with other institutions and organizations in joint concert programs. Creation of integrated venues for joint events. Exit programs for participation in festivals, friendly meetings.


Information about the mode of operation:

Working hours Break Day off
8.00 - 17.00 13.00 - 14.00 Saturday, Sunday

How to get to us, look at the map:

Payer account number: 290352954

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